I am honored to represent Senate District 13 because I believe in public service, and that we are here to make a difference. I have spent my legal career trying to do just that – advocating for people with disabilities, for workers facing unfair treatment, and for people whose civil rights have been violated.

North Carolina is a beautiful place with so much to offer. But our state faces many challenges. Some are the result of a decade or more of bad policy making and a failure to invest in the people who live here.

Healthcare and public education have suffered because that’s what happens when you starve systems of the funding they need and treat people as less important than profit.

Social divisions have deepened because that’s what happens when you divide people for political and financial gain and refuse to acknowledge the dignity and humanity of every person.

Political divisions have hardened because that’s what happens when you let elected officials pick their voters instead of voters choosing who they want to represent them.

There is a different way, and it is still achievable. We can commit to valuing each other and our communities, and to investing in our children, and to dismantling bad policies that divide us and hold us back.

We can despair and leave our community’s fate in the hands of those who have different priorities. Or we can do the work. I will continue to do all I can in the North Carolina Senate to move our state forward.

Lisa Grafstein

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